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One World Themed Production

One World mandala

After the success of Glorious Chorus's performances of it's original One World shows throughout the South West, the show is now going to be performed in Hull in 2017 to celebrate the city's UK City of Culture award. Helen will be training an auditioned choir from the North East to perform the show. Details will be announced nearer the time. If you're on the mailing list you'll automatically be included in the first news about this

A ‘conceptual’ show, including spoken word and visual effects, One World is a themed programme inspired by the idea of imminent human evolutionary change anticipated by several ancient and indigenous peoples around the world. The human change anticipated by these groups focuses on us entering an age of unity rather than duality currently experienced. All aspects of ego-based interactions, including greed, fear, competition and conflict will be replaced over time by a more caring, compassionate, conscious way of relating to ourselves, our environment and each other.

The programme features a selection of original songs and arrangements, linked by spoken word, background choral sounds and tuned percussion. The music in the programme picks out topics within this theme, starting with a ‘wake-up call’ about the impending threat to the environment. The programme flows from human darkness (including warfare and slavery), linking with other aspects of our ego-based industrial / military might-based culture through spoken word, continuing through the gate of redemption, understanding, grace, forgiveness; ending with triumph of love over hate, truth over lies, peace over war and great hope for the future.

This is not a doom-ridden world, but a hopeful and joyful one.

One World was premiered in Totnes on Saturday June 11 2011, with a view to it being performed further afield over a two year period in venues and at events sympathetic to these themes. The intention of this production is to promote thought and consideration and rather than delivering “razzmatazz”, inviting a more contemplative approach and reaction.

The production is designed to be profoundly moving, ultimately leaving the audience with a sense of hope and positivity for the future. The essence of the theme is that One World is not about doom or catastrophe, but represents a new era of hope and positivity – a new dawn, a better day.

Click here to watch highlights of the One World Programme.

Programme for the One World performance Notes about the peacemakers
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